5 Steps To Earning 100k Per Month!

How to earn 100k per month in 3 years or less!

100k per monthI watched a training video by one of my mentors Mark Yarnell on the 5 steps to earning 100k per month in residual income.  I’m going to share with you my personal insight on this training.  Keep in mind that this is “walk away” income that you never have to work for again.  Does everyone need to earn 100k per month?  No.  But just following these steps will put you on track for it and if you end up hitting your income goals then it’s worth it right?

These steps are not meant to be easy!  The key to succeed here is consistency…

Step #1 – Pick something you would put your Mom into!

Does this mean you have to go after your Mom to join your business? No, but what ever you are selling you have to be able to not feel bad about it at all.  So the point of this step is to pick something you feel would be beneficial even for your own Mother to get into or take on a monthly basis.   If you wouldn’t then you are going against your own core values and will eventually sabotage yourself from earning the big money “100k per month”!

Step #2 – How big is the market sector and how much competition do you have?

If there is no market for your product then whats the point in selling it?  Also if there is a billion other companies with the same product as you and the same compensation plan then you will have a very hard time reaching 100k per month with that company.  The exception would be if you have a unique compensation or a unique version of the product you are selling that makes your company stand out from the rest of the competition.  Personal branding your team will help you stand out from the competition…

Step #3 – 2 hours per day on professionals relationship building…

What do you really get paid for in this industry?  Retailing & Recruiting!  THAT’S IT!!!

Do you know the difference  between an amateur and professional boxer, fighter, or golfer?  They have close to the same skills, right?  The difference is the professional one gets paid!  Amateur doesn’t…   So in our industry if we are not focusing on the only thing that pays us (retailing & recruiting) then we are all amateurs…  Do you want to get paid?  Then start doing at least 2 hours focused energy each day on retailing and recruiting (selling your product or bringing on new business partners)! Following up with prospects and collecting an answer is a perfect way to do this…

Step #4 – Decide whether you are going to follow a 1 , 2 or 3 year plan…

If you would like to hit your goal of 100k per month in 1 year then you will need to invite at least 30 people per day 20 days per week to some kind of presentation for your company whether that be online or offline.  If you have a 2 year plan then you need to invite 20 people per day, and a 3 year plan is 10 people per day.  Again consistency is key with this step.  There is no possible way to hit 100k per month if you are not doing this step…

Step #5 – You have to know the land mines in this industry…

You will hit 1 or all of these mines and you just have to push through and not let it stop your commitment to the above steps no matter what!

1. Comparison bomb – you will run across people comparing your company with others and this is to get you to switch over.  Don’t let this happen.  Just know there will always be new companies coming and going.  Pick yours and stick to it.  Don’t be the one to let your team down…

2. Multiple stream income bomb – Yes multiple income streams is nice, but stick to 1 main network marketing company long term.  Don’t fall for the picking multiple mlm’s just so you can have something for everyone.  What ends up happening is you won’t make much from any of them.  Focus on 1 and build it to 100k per month before you go to another… Exception to this rule is training product, systems, affiliate programs that can help you hit your goals.  That is the only multiple income streams you should focus on other then your primary MLM…

3. Multi-tasking bomb – If you are trying to do too many things at once you will get no where.  Start writing out a plan for the next day the night before.  Focus on what makes you money first, then move on to the non money making activities after that.  Don’t get caught up trying to do too much stuff all at once!

4. Banker bomb – Don’t get caught up in being someones personal bank.  You will sometimes get those people that tell you they are motivated, they will do this and that and be your best downline ever.  They have built 100 different programs and they have been super successful in the past, but all they need you to do is loan them the money to join!  Don’t do it!  Even if you have the money!  In 3 years I have personally done this with a few people and they never end up doing anything.  I have heard the same from other leaders.  It’s just not worth the effort and time training someone that won’t commit to investing in their own business…

5. Product Expert bomb – Spending countless hours learning every little detail about your product doesn’t pay you at all.  In fact it hurts you because if you sit there explaining the product to a prospect they will think they need to do that as well.  It’s so much easier to just send them to a website to get that info and that in their own mind is easier to follow.

6. Friends and Family bomb – This is a big one!  Most people teach you to go after your friends and family first.  Well in some cases (if they come to you) this is a good idea.  But in most cases this is horrible.  Your friends and family are not there to be exploited or marketed to.  In fact they will come running to you when you actually show some proof that you are earning an income already.  There are easier ways to build the business using online tools and offline tools.  I do believe you should still give your friends and family a heads up on what you are doing.  Don’t pressure them to join you though, just let them know what you are doing and if they would like to take a look great if not no big deal type of attitude.  Be smart about it…

7. Networking bomb – Forget the meetings where everyone gets together in different companies to network.  Everyone is there to get you in their deal, not join yours.  Now there is nothing wrong with going to live events that you will learn how to build your business and meet big leaders in our industry but don’t go to worthless meetings just to pitch your deal to others. 

8. Dabble Bomb – If you plan on making 100k per month there is no possible way you can just dabble in this.  You have to be 100% committed no matter what.  Dabbling is like treating your business like a hobby.  We all know how much our hobbies pay us right?  ZERO!

9. Dump Bomb – Do not dump all the information to your prospect right when you first meet them.  Never give your full presentation when you first talk to them.  Expose them to the info they need to get excited.  If you dump it all on them then they will feel overwhelmed and run the other way…

10. Shortcut bomb – Marketing now days has really sold this hard.  They lead you to believe you can make all this money without doing a thing, or you can build a business on autopilot!  Unfortunately to earn 100k per month it’s impossible to take shortcuts.  You have to work very hard on the right activities and there are no exceptions.  Shortcuts may earn you some money but it will never make you rich in this industry.  Focus on what pays you money and you will go very far in this industry!

I hope this list has helped you figure out what it really takes to become a top earner in this industry.

Now go and do it!

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Mike Hobbs
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  1. Sue Knapstein - October 6, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Your post on Earning 100K per Month is excellent. I particularly found step #5 very helpful and appreciate you outlining all the steps necessary in order to become successful and earn 100K per Month! Very motivating! All best to you and for ALL you do for us!!!

  2. doug gower - October 6, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Hi Mike,
    I really enjoy your blog and insight. #5 is key for myself and many others I am certain. It’s easy to become overwhelmed online. One thing at a time is best or else you find you’re unable to do anything well.

  3. Michael Berry - October 7, 2011 at 7:42 am

    Thanks for all the information Mike. Your post 5 Steps To Earning 100k Per Month! was great! I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Mike. Take care, Michael

  4. James Johnson - October 7, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Yes sir everytime I watched his training on this Mike I get excited all over again! Thanks for sharing sir..

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