Empower Network – Refer 1 & It’s FREE…

Refer 1 & It’s FREE in the Empower Network

nov 13 empower networkI’m sure you’ve heard all those companies that tell you refer 3 and its free!  Until now that was a pretty cool way to promote your business.  Well how would you like to tell people Refer 1 & its free!  In the Empower network that is exactly how it works.  You refer 1 person and you get your products free for life!  That’s it!

*Results not typical. See Average earnings here!

Direct deposit into your bank account with Empower Network

ind-affiliate-logo-01The beauty of the system is it pays directly to your bank account.  No more waiting for checks!  Have you ever needed money by the weekend to pay for something?  Maybe Rent, utilities behind, kids athletic equipment?  In the Empower Network you can promote it today and get paid direct to your own merchant account!  Finally a system you can use to get paid quickly!

Anyway you can tell I’m excited about this company from my emails and other promotions about it.  But I really just wanted to get the point across that all it takes is 1 referral and the entire product line is free!  That part alone should excite you and I encourage you to promote this no matter what business you are doing right now.

Empower Network with your primary business!

In the beginning I used Empower Network to build my One24 business & still promoted Empower Network as well.  Awesome thing is the Empower Network allows me to use their blogging system and the training to promote any other online business.  Well One24 went out of business so I now focus 100% on Empower!  The training David Wood teaches is by far one of the best in the industry.  David Wood has personally sponsored over 2 thousand people over the last 2 years!  I think that alone should tell you what he is doing and teaching actually works!  I encourage all of you no matter what business you are promoting to check out the Empower Network for yourself and get paid 100% residual commissions direct to you!  Refer 1 and its FREE!

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Just to let you know:  I bought everything & it’s 100% worth it!

Make it a great day!

Mike Hobbs

mike hobbs

Skype: mikemhobbs



  1. Nicholas Wind - November 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I like the term leveraged leadership you guys use Mike.
    I think for $25 monthly it’s a great way for a new or really any level of marketer to use the power of all you great marketers to get their links” out there.”
    Just start by posting and commenting if that’s your skill level.

  2. Youth Saints Jersey - December 14, 2011 at 3:28 pm

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