One24 Review – 4 Things To Consider Before Joining One24

In this post I’m going to be giving you my personal One24 review but first I want to talk about what you should be looking at when evaluating a company for your residual income!  You have to consider these 4 main areas before you join any company!

  • Retention
  • Compensation (Dollar Amount Residual Income Per Person in downline)
  • Duplication
  • Team Support

So in my personal One24 review I’m going to cover each area in detail so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should join One24…

One24 Review on Retention

One24 Review on RetentionWhat is the typical retention rate of a Network Marketing company?

The answer is less then 20% annually! Yes I said it.  Less then 20%.

That means more then 80% of your downline drop out each and every month!  That’s got to kill residual income won’t it?

In fact I’ve had similar retention in all the companies I have joined in the past 4 years, just plugging away making sure I bring more then I lose each month!

Then I was introduced to One24 close to the beginning of its opening.  I ignored it…  Couple months later a good business partner showed it to me again and I joined but then quit because I was WAY too busy promoting something else!  But this time I kept an eye on the progress of One24 while I was building my other program…  Long story story short after 9 months of building my primary business I recruited over 120 people personally (not bad) and had a whopping residual income of $0! (very bad)  haha.

So I took another look at how One24 was doing through a business partner I work with frequently and in the same 9 months they grew a team of over 500 people with an 87% retention rate!  Wow…  and they have still maintained 80+% retention over a 12 month period of time!  That is incredible!  So I decided to stop promoting programs that get me no where and hop on One24!  I’m so glad I did!

It’s one thing to build teams and another thing to keep them!  That’s where One24 comes in!

Another great reason why the retention is so high is the product.  I won’t go big into the product in this post but feel free to read my post on the One24 NatraBurst Product! Or watch the video here:

one24 waiting list

One24 Review on Compensation

This is my favorite part to talk about when talking about One24.  The Money!  Show me the money!

First I want to say I have never seen any other company pay more per person than One24 when you have your team structured right! Including the program Empower Network which pays 100% commissions! Amazing!

I know that sounds crazy but let me show you now!

With a team structured right (the way we teach) of only 60 people, you will earn $23-$93 per person residually depending on the company sales for that month!

With a team of 120 structured right you will earn $31-$126 per person residually…

When I look at a long term residual income program I look at how much can I earn per person in my downline.  One24 beats every company out of the water.  Most will pay $5 per person or less…

60 people = $1,380 – $5,580 Residual Income
120 people = $3,700 -$15,120 Residual income

Show me a company with 60-120 people making you $1,380 to 15,180 per month?  Wont find it…

Quick disclaimer: The product is only $60 & they take only 7% of company profits for this part of the comp plan (platinum bonus pool) just in case you were wondering how they can pay out more then the product costs!  It’s based on structure of team, company sales & performance!

Go ahead and view my video on the entire comp plan including the One24 platinum shares here:

One24 Review on Duplication

 This is probably one of the biggest reasons for people not making the big incomes in Network Marketing!  Duplication!  If you are a leader and all you can do is bring people in and never have any of your team duplicate then you can never really make the big income!  You can make money, but not big money…

So that’s where I really love the simple plan One24 has.  They give the average person a chance!  Think about it.  In Network Marketing you will find maybe 1 leader out of 10 people that join you.  So doesn’t it make sense to create a marketing plan around the 9 average people?  Cool thing about that is even the 1 leader will love that because they know the numbers!  If you can get your average people making money or duplicating then you have a gold mine!

That’s what One24 has done with the ticket system.  You focus on only bringing in 1 person per month.  That’s it!   Not a gazillion….

Cool thing is even for those leaders that want to bring in more then 1 they have the Gold Rush for that!  So this program is built primarily on helping the average person succeed as well as giving the option for Leaders to make a lot of money as well!  Win win!

To add to the duplication, our One24 Prosperity Team has team only marketing co-ops & high converting systems in place that take the lead generation & explaining the business out of your hands!  How cool is that!  We are taking duplication to  a whole new level!

That leads us to our one24 review on Team Support

join One24

Our One24 Prosperity Team Support

Our team has many benefits that the company or other teams don’t have.  Now don’t get me wrong.  The One24 opportunity is a great one no matter who you join, but we will excel your results 10 fold with our team resources!

#1 – I personally do 2 mastermind webinars each day for the team (yes I spend 2 hours of my personal time each day with my team).  The morning mastermind is a blogging mastermind where we go into my favorite marketing method and teach people to blog daily, answer questions & critique posts!

Second webinar is in the afternoon where its all One24 specific.  I answer any questions people have.  Go over new marketing strategies I’m using & just be there for support!

When was the last time you have been a part of a team that you can get your answers to your questions every day?  And leverage that for your entire team?!

#2 – As a member of our One24 team you can become a guest blogger on our One24 Team Blog…  This will allow you to leverage our plugins and tools we already have setup on the blog to get traffic to your One24 posts!

#3 – Access to team only co-op Advertising.  I do all the marketing, you just pay the money!  Easy as that…  They are as low as $25 buy ins for the traffic!

#4 – Team training site where we post all updated training

#5 – 24/7 Skype mastermind

#6 – One24 Facebook group mastermind

All these support areas are for you & your team to succeed in One24!  We have people joining our team just for the support alone, then realizing how much better One24 is then any other Network Marketing company on the planet!

Join Our Team Now!

On a side note!  One24 holds Travel contests for the Affiliates & I won it!  Super Excited about that!

If you have any questions about my One24 Review list them below!



  1. Ronald M Perkins Jr. - February 20, 2012 at 4:57 am

    Great information Mike. I am very excited to get started.

  2. John Chatman - May 28, 2012 at 1:37 am

    This is far and away the best residual income opportunity online today. From the compensation plan to the incredible systems and leadership that we have which includes Mike Hobbs as a big part of that.

    If someone is looking to build a STABLE long term residual then I would highly advise connecting with Mike for additional information on One24.

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